Turbo-Drilling Services

On 15th of June 2008 TLOS and DOWN HOLE MOTORS SERVICES Ltd ( A Company fully owned by Turbopower Holding SAL, registered in Dublin, Ireland with its principal trading address at 3ed floor, Ulysses House, Foley Street, Dublin ! Ireland, UK.) . Have made and entered into a representative agreement by which TLOS markets, represents and operationally assists for its Products of Drilling Turbines with full support, technical, maintenance and repair in TLOS facilities in Egypt.

IN 2010, TLOS decided to have its own first generation of Turbines designed to be consistent with the most recent technology and safety devices that furnish the maximum utility and life time in additions to cost effective operations to its customer. TLOS assigned to KUNGUR Oil Field Equipment and Services the design and manufacturing for our own unique specifications supply and technically support TLOS with Turbodrill Tools. A wide Varity of Turbodrill Tools (Sizes and Specifications) are available.


High power output and excellent hole-quality combine to deliver highly efficient steering and steady toolface control, without losing performance while sliding. Adds turbine reliability and temperature immunity to a steerable motor system Tools normally comprise an adjustable bent-housing bearing section plus a single motor section.

Straighthole Turbines

Designed to deliver high levels of mechanical power to Diamond, Impregnated or PDC bits in straight-hole drilling applications, these turbines are extremely robust tools and exhibit superb reliability characteristics, even in the most difficult drilling conditions. Like all turbines, the performance advantage over other drilling motors is further enhanced by the excellent hole-quality that characterizes turbodrilling operations, Straighthole turbines are assembled with a single bearing section plus one motor section.