Measurement While Drilling (MWD)

Two Types of MWD Equipment are available and operating in Egypt:

  1. Prop Type MWD:
    • Positive Pulse Equipment
    • Negative Pulse Equipment
  2. Collar Type MWD (Positive Pulse)

Positive Pulse Tools

TLOS has made and signed a licensee, purchase and technical support agreement (under the same RSS agreement) for The Positive Pulse Equipment with “APS” Technology – USA are wireless and fit for all sizes under smooth and rough operations.

Triple-L “APS technology”, SureShot family of directional and directional plus gamma systems provides reliable and flexible measurement-while-drilling performance in combination with our second-generation Rotary Pulser. The system can be powered by our battery modules, or a combination of Turbine Alternator and two Batteries. This MWD system provides highly accurate azimuth and inclination data for all applications from straight-hole through horizontal drilling. Rapid and accurate toolface transmission enables the most complex well paths to be drilled with confidence.

Negative Pulse Tools

On the 17th of May, 2001 TLOS and GEOLINK (SONDEX – a General Electric Company) made and signed a license, purchase and technical support agreement for Geolink negative Pulse MWD/LWD products by which TLOS has the right to use the purchased products under Triple ``L`` Oil Services name as TLOS MWD/LWD.