M13 Single/Multi Electronic-Magnetic Survey Tool

  • Reliable and accurate. The MI3 borehole inclinometer uses data from a miniature triaxial magnetometer and a triaxial accelerometer to determine the instrument orientation in space.
  • Operated using the supplied Palm® PDA (e.g., the Meazura™ Palm® which is waterproof to IP67 standards).
  • MI3 tools are completely digital, meaning that survey results are available immediately upon recovery. Digital data also mean no more data entry errors. Menu-driven software provided with the MI3 produces data files suitable for loading into spreadsheets and popular data-visualization software.
  • MI3 tools store your data in non-volatile memory. Even if the batteries run down or you put the unit away for the season, your data are safe.
  • Every MI3 tool can operate in single-shot, multishot, or wireline mode. In multishot mode, as many as 64 000 data stations can be recorded without any electrical connection to the instrument (batteries are readily-available AA cells). In wireline mode, a two conductor cable connects the MI3 to a computer that displays survey results in real-time. In any mode, you can choose where and how often you want to stop and take readings.