GYRO Shot®

  • The Gyro Shot® is a memory-based tool. This means that unlike some other gyro systems, there is no need to connect the instrument to the surface with a wire. Nevertheless, should you require data in real-time, it is possible to use the Gyro Shot® with a wireline modem.
  • The Gyro Shot® operates much like a multishot. The tool is run through the hole and is halted at intervals to take static shots.
  • Gyro Shot® tools are completely digital, meaning that survey results are available immediately upon recovery. Digital data also mean no more data entry errors. Menu-driven software provided with Gyro Shot® tools produces data files suitable for loading into spreadsheets and popular data-visualization software.
  • Gyro Shot® tools use a tri-axial gyroscope module to monitor the rotation of the instrument through time. Continuous recording and self-calibration permits long-term operation while maintaining accuracy. Gyro Shot® tools also contain a magnetometer that can be used to record the magnetic profile of the hole or, in the absence of external fields, as a second independent measure of the hole azimuth.